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Comet 103P/Hartley2 by Ray Maher291 viewsOctober 1, 2010, 10 twenty second exposures.
The Double Cluster by Ray Maher359 viewsPhoto taken January 3, 2009. Orion Star Shoot II camera, 10, seven second exposures.
ET Cluster photo by Ray Maher.268 viewsNGC 457 also known as the Owl Cluster.
Stack of 15 five second exposures.
Comet Lulin by Ray Maher 2/25/09161 viewsStack of three 60 second exposures with 80mm f/5 refractor & -0.5 focal reducer, Orion StarShootII Camera.
M11 the Wild Duck Cluster by Ray Maher439 viewsOrion Star Shoot II camera, 9, eight second exposures.
Star Cluster M37 by Ray Maher265 viewsTwenty 10 second exposures.
North America Nebula by Ray Maher412 viewsOrion Star Shoot II Camera with focal reducer, 20, forty second exposures.
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